Color My Thought

March 09, 2017

Color My Thought

Color My Thought // March 9, 2017

People have constantly asked me how or why I suddenly changed occupation from journalist covering global tragedies, wars etc. to designing sumptuous jewelry. From reality to frivolity?

The question consumed me until I realized that something sounded familiar. A lifelong friend, the son of Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita and many other masterpieces, talked about something called Synesthesia. Simply put, it is a condition discovered by scientists over 300 years ago, and validated by Richard E. Cytowic, a neurologist, that certain people have that allow them to hear colors, feel sounds, and taste shapes. Or, see words as colors, hear shapes, and taste sounds.

Certain colors from my past immediately came to mind—red for the obvious and black for rage. I also realized that since I stepped out of my former occupation, I no longer only saw the words I had written as red or black. Designing jewelry, I saw words and thoughts in my head as different colors depending on the shape and texture of the piece before me.

Each piece of my jewelry begins with a word, a thought, and then an image, and every time that word, thought, or image corresponds to a color in my mind. And, every word and thought remains true to the colors they represent.

The most recent color that consumes me is Green, which explains why many of my new pieces are green. And not because it is the month of March but also because I see green pastures, green gardens, leafy plants and lawns, Spring, and I could go on—green tea, green goddess… Always imagining the next design, I look forward to seeing a new color and I look forward to reading your comments on what will be my passing thoughts each week.

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