Dusty Rose

May 03, 2017

Dusty Rose

The other day I bought a dress in a color that I couldn’t even describe. It had tints of brown, tones of pink, and a hint of beige. Hard to describe and even harder to decide what color accessories to wear…

Yes, spring is here, or at least hints of spring, and spring to me, at that first blush of awakening lawns and budding trees, is green. But sitting in my studio with gems spread before me and designs sketched on a pad beside me, I searched and thought and imagined another color that also represented the happiness and light-heartedness of spring. And, it all had to do with that dress of indescribable color.

My new designs of onyx cuffs needed gems that were original, surprising and not the most obvious color of spring that comes to mind. But what was that color?

Hours later, and without an idea that really struck me as perfect, I retreated into my closet and began matching shoes to that dress. I pulled out all the colors that were obvious and none really worked. It was useless to go back to my studio because I knew I had to go into the city and sit in my manufacturer’s gem palace and simply wade through trays upon trays of every imaginable precious and semi-precious stone. It took several entire days until suddenly I knew the perfect tone, not only for shoes that would match that infernal dress, but more important, I found the perfect color gemstone that would make my new designs delicious and dazzling, yet warm and inviting--Dusty Rose!

So, in about a week or so, several pieces of my new collection of cuffs will be on my website - barbaravictor.com - and they will be all varieties of Dusty Rose - Angel Skin (light pink coral), pale pink Amethyst, light pink Topaz, pink Sapphire, pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, pink Opal, pink Takara, Scapolite Rock, and I can go on and on naming both semi-precious, precious, and man-made stones of all the tones of subtle pink.

Should I say, “Think Pink?” Actually what I would really love to say to all my readers is “Thank You” for allowing me to share another musing. Stay dazzling!

Look for my new onyx cuffs in tones of pink (and green) with an array of dazzling and warm dusty rose jeweled designs. And please subscribe to my email list here so you'll get a first look at promotions, my musings and events.


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