Glamour Yes! Excess No!

April 12, 2017

Glamour Yes! Excess No!

Glamour Yes! Excess No! // April 12, 2017

The Duchess of Windsor once said, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” Perhaps her words of wisdom were excessive. After all, in today’s world, rich is relative and certainly a privilege that is all too often hard to attain, while thin is a matter of one’s comfort and taste. Given who we are and where we are in our world, my idea of “excess” is talking too much, talking too loud, being too acquisitive, too intolerant, too opinionated, too overdressed, too overly made-up, and too oblivious of those who are less fortunate.

Pick up any newspaper, weekly, or glossy magazine that incorporates opinion pieces with fashion and jewelry, and what do we see? Excess.
We see excess that defies the imagination when it comes to the newest fashions seen on runways throughout the world, or revered media darlings whose private lives have suddenly been made public with a not-so-pretty result, or countless other excesses that would force me to take a political position on the state of our world which I would have done in my former incarnation.  
But since my present “beat” is jewelry, I comb the fashion magazines, far more than the political publications, and I am painfully aware of the plethora of bejeweled excess.
So I have made it my goal to create  accessories that are not only unique and gorgeous but are affordable for those who do not share the Duchess of Windsor’s words and station in life. All you need is the desire to feel special and look dazzling.

So put on a cuff, whether it is one in the higher-priced range of onyx and 18kt gold, or one that is vermeil on wood and get the same compliments from friends and family. Why?  Because wearing  one of my cuffs adds glamor to all of us who are neither too rich nor too thin.

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