Is Cuff-Less Sex-Less?

June 02, 2017

Is Cuff-Less Sex-Less?

It occurred to me this morning while I was in my gym. Why was I the   only female journalist that Moammar Ghadaffi and Vice President Mike Pence and their minders never assumed that I was any kind of a threat to their—albeit—highly different reputations. Let me explain and allow me to tell you a rather amusing thought I had concerning my cuffs.   And, don’t forget back then, designing and manufacturing cuffs weren’t even a twinkle in my eye.

In 1986, I was lucky enough to get the first interview with Moammar Ghadaffi for US News and World Report (cover story) after the United States and the United Kingdom bombed Libya.

In 2002, I interviewed Vice-President Mike Pence when he was one of a few Evangelical Christians in the United States Congress. (See my book The Last Crusade – page 207)

Ok, Ok, I know, the difference between Ghadaffi and Pence is glaring and perhaps even surreal to compare them. But here goes anyway…

As far as Ghadaffi was concerned, his maps blacked out Israel completely, naming the region the “Zionist Entity,” and calling for its total destruction.

Congressman (at the time) Mike Pence, as an Evangelical Christian, was a staunch supporter of Israel and, along with several of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, was “pre-occupied with the defense and promotion of the interests of the State and the people of Israel.”

But that wasn’t the only difference between the two men.

After my interview with Ghadaffi, several French newspapers reprinted my interview as well as interviewed me in the press and on television about my experience in Libya with Ghadaffi. Pretty soon, numerous newspapers and magazines printed the names of all the female journalists from all over the world who had been propositioned by Ghadaffi or had been rumored to have had an affair with him. That is, every female journalist mentioned in either context, except me. 

Honestly, while I was happy that I was taken seriously (or so I told myself) I began to wonder why I was the only one who had not been propositioned by the Libyan leader.

As for Vice-President Pence, before my interview in his office in the House, I was told by several people that the Congressman (at the time) never permitted himself to be alone in a room with a woman. And, that fact was reprised when he beame Vice-President.

Well, guess what? I was alone in Mr. Pence’s office conducting my interview and no-one jumped in to save him from what—it beats me—but nothing happened and he was completely professional. But still, why that “rule” was broken for me bothered me in sort of the same way that my exclusion from, as the papers called them, “Ghadaffi’s Girls.”

So, this morning, while I was exercising, it occurred to me that back then, in 1986 and in 2002, I was cuff-less.

And then it also occurred to me that regardless of age, and I was very young back then, my cuffs add not only dazzle and elegance to women of all ages who wear them, but they also add that je ne sais quoi that has to do with sex appeal.

Not to repeat myself, but here indulge me—be dazzling, original, elegant and sexy when you wear one of my beautiful cuffs!

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