Barbara Victor began her career as a journalist in the 1980s covering the Middle East.

 Based in Paris, she reported on events in North Africa, as well as throughout the Middle East. In 1986, she was the first journalist to interview Ghadaffi after President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher bombed Libya. Following that, Barbara Victor covered the Palestinian uprisings, several civil wars in Lebanon, two wars in Iraq and many suicide bombings. During this time she also published 16 books which can be found at and on her web site entitled Damaged Beauty-Our World Today. Her documentary Army of Roses featured the first five women suicide bombers and played on television throughout the world.

Over-saturated with the tragedy of the human condition and the damaged beauty that results, she came to realize that there was refuge in beauty itself – wherever it can be found. Victor understood that finding pleasure in the positive joys and beauty that surround us in our daily lives enable us to better accept those harsh realities.

Living in Paris gave her the opportunity to revel in everything beautiful - the architecture, museums, sculpture gardens, and high fashion boutiques. Perhaps the most sumptuous example of extravagance, however, were the jewelry emporiums around the Place Vendome and along the Rue de la Paix - Chanel, Van Cleef and Arpels, Dior, Boucheron, Chaumet, Bulgari, Chopard, and many others. 

Looking in the windows of each boutique, an arm-length away from touching the magnificent designs that were more than jewelry but rather pieces of art, was mesmerizing for her. But it was also the recognition that those delicious pieces of jewelry were unattainable for the vast majority. It occurred to her then and remained with her for months afterward that she needed to create jewelry that was not only artistically original and dazzling but that was attainable so that many could find their own refuge in beauty. 

After twenty-two years in Paris where Victor was also a Contributing Editor for ELLE Magazine, she returned to New York and began her next incarnation. This new venture might seem disparate from her past, but as you will see it is all connected and has a distinct and obvious Parisian influence.

We all know it is impossible to cancel out the realities of the world, just as we know that some things in life forever remain out of our reach.

The genesis of Barbara Victor's foray into designing jewelry began with her intention to create cuffs that would be available to everyone. As for their design, she envisioned the cuffs to be not only accessible to everyone but also appropriate to wear with casual or evening attire. 

It is for those reasons that Barbara Victor Jewelry was born - to put a bit of dazzle in our lives. So, go ahead, put on one of her cuffs and Be Dazzling - at least for the moment.

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